Sell It Maybe (à la Carly Rae Jepsen)

Just Between Friends Fall Sale 2017

Just Between Friends of Quakertown/Hatfield is getting ready for their Spring Sale event (coming up in early April)! Registration is now open for both consignors and vendors, so sign up today.

Here’s all the event information, including info for consignors and vendors:

Event Details:

  • Just Between Friends Quakertown/Hatfield Spring Sales Event
  • April 5th-7th (Registered consignors can shop at April 4th pre-sale)
  • Location: XL Sports World in Hatfield, PA
  • Huge consignment sale that draws thousands of shoppers

Consignor Details:

  • Consignors use JBF online system and pricing guidelines to prepare sale items and drop off before sale; don’t need to be there for sale
  • Payment for sold items will be received within 15 days after sale ends
  • Unsold items may be picked up or donated
  • Average consignor sells over $400 of merchandise
  • Consignors can volunteer to help out at the sale in exchange for an increased % of their sales earnings
  • Link to register:

Vendor Details:

  • Should be a business that services moms or families in general/will be of interest or offer useful information to shoppers
  • Rent a table for $65 per day (except Friday, which is $50)
  • JBF will only allow one vendor per vendor type (e.g., one jewelry vendor, one skin care products vendor, etc.)

Thinking about participating in the Just Between Friends sale as either a consignor or a vendor, but need more convincing? Then check out this song we wrote about it!

“Sell It Maybe”

  (To the tune of “Call Me Maybe”)  

[ Verse ]

Have lots of stuff I can sell
Tripped over toys and I fell
Then angry Mommy did yell
‘cause they were in my way

Add clothes and toys to my stash
In great condition, not trash
I sell my stuff for some cash
Consigning made my day!

Just Between Friends Fall Sale 2017[ Pre-chorus ]

I started tagging
Started bagging
I’m not bragging
But nothing is gonna sway me

[ Chorus ]

Clothes my kids outgrew
No, can’t be lazy
Called Just Between Friends
To sell them maybe
Don’t have to be there to sell doll babies
Called Just Between Friends
To sell them maybe

Shorts still look brand new
Help others in need
Call Just Between Friends
To sell them maybe
And all the other moms
Well they can come, too!
To Just Between Friends
Bid their stuff “adieu!”

Just Between Friends Fall Sale 2017[ Verse ]

Declutter and make the call
Sell clothing, books, and that ball
Sell bikes and also that doll
Consign your stuff today!

Just tag it, bag it, and seal
In order to make that deal
Collect the cash that it yields
Consign your stuff today!

[ Pre-chorus ]

JBF is looking
Vendors can start booking
Cash will soon be flowin’
Time to get your business growin’!

[ Chorus ]

Hey, rent a table
Start advertising
With Just Between Friends
Sales will start rising

Crowds by the thousands
With cash for spending
Call Just Between Friends
Apply for vending

Just Between Friends Fall Sale 2017[ Coda ]

Before you came into my life
Had clutter so bad
This sale is so rad
No longer so, so sad

If all your stuff is piled high
Call Just Between Friends
Before the sale ends
And sell it maybe!


For more details on this amazing sale, visit the Just Between Friends Quakertown/Hatfield Spring Sale Event website!